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2015 October 10, 11:19 PM
wanna get more traffic? Try this approach

Wanna get more website traffic? Try this approach…

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Bruce Lee quotes are EVERYWHERE!

And it’s no secret that Bruce Lee was a legendary martial artist, philosopher and actor.

But I didn’t really know much about him.

So I decided to go a little bit deeper and find out more about him…

So I’ve been watching videos of him and his contemporaries talking about their success and view of life.

One thing has become very clear.

His success came down to incredible focus on mastery.

And that’s where I want to introduce TRAFFIC GENERATION.

Traffic is a simple skill that people like to complicate.

And don’t worry…

I’ve complicated it myself…

I used to post my links on dozens of websites and get ZERO results…

So let me show you how I’ve changed my approach to get thousands of visitors and hundreds of subscribers each month.

Let’s start with this quote.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.

– Bruce Lee

This is your new philosophy on traffic.

Keep it in the front of your mind.

Practice one strategy over and over until you become a master.

If you take your time to find which platform is best for you, that’s valuable but don’t switch your platform until you’re a master.

Now let’s get into how I do it…

My strategy is now to run 2 types of traffic…

One Paid Source


One Free Source

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Why Paid?

Paid traffic is FAST and it allows you to get results fast and change your approach fast.

It’s also the highest quality because you can connect directly with your target market and provide them value to make a sale.


Why free?

Your free source is effort and energy based and will grow over time.

It’s the perfect combination.


How to do Paid Traffic

Every paid traffic strategy relies on the ability to put a specific message in front of a highly targeted audience.

If you don’t start with your audience, you will end up going broke.

But, when you do it correctly, it allows you to change your approach immediately… and write your own paycheque for life.

So you can use Facebook ads, Solo Ads, Banners or any other kind of paid ads platform but the process is ALWAYS THE SAME.

It looks like this…

Traffic → Lead Capture → Email → Sales

And we can look at it like this…

Audience → Specific Message → Additional Value → Your Product

And it becomes this…

Click Through Rate → Opt-In Rate → Sales Conversions

I’m not going to go into specifics.

It’s a simple process.


The beautiful part about paid traffic is that once you have something that converts, you can do it forever time and time again.

As long as you know who your market is and can craft a message that resonates with them, you’re good.(Click here to read my post that shows you the 4 steps to crafting the perfect message).

The best part is that when you get good at crafting offers, you’ll be able to write your own paycheque for life because you’ll know how to find a market and craft a message for them.

If you’d like to know how I run my ad campaigns, click here and get on my webinars list because I’ll share what I do with you.


How to do Free Traffic

Free traffic is all about understanding the platform, the community and their needs.

Instagram, Vine, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger, Forums or whatever are all communities.

Each one has a different way of interacting and if you don’t understand – let’s say Reddit – the community will kill you.

I don’t know what the best traffic source for you is because I don’t know you personally yet but here are a couple of examples…

Are you opinion?  Perhaps Twitter?

Are you a designer? Pinterest?

Are you a fashion blogger? Maybe YouTube.

But it also depends on your persona as well so go to where your intuition draws you.

Once you understand the community, you can then create content and interact.

Both of those things will show people who you are…

And once you create a following, you can command traffic and you’ll never worry about it again.

Then you want to connect with them

Look up tags in your niche.

Follow the people who are following these tags.  

Interact with them…

Comment, like and share other peoples stuff. Give others some love.

When you like their stuff, they begin to see you.

When you share their stuff, they love it.

So just get into a community and start producing.

It kind of looks like this…

Understand the community → Produce Content → Interact with the community → Traffic

(It’s not perfect but it’s a bit of a visual)

Yes, it takes longer than paid traffic but it grows over time.wanna get more traffic? 

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