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2015 October 20, 12:45 AM
Stop doing shit you hate

Stop doing shit you hate – The Summer Experiment

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This year’s been a pretty wild one for me.


And it’s gone largely undocumented…


Partly because I don’t have a photographer following me around and partly because I could be fully engaged in everything that I had going on.



Let’s rewind first.


… To a time where I was building my business in such a way that I hated my life.


In 2014 I started to finally see the results that I’d been working so hard to create.


I was picking up new clients every single week and things were supposed to be good right?


Well so much for that idea.


I was miserable and feeling burnt out.


Every time I increased my revenue, I seemed to increase my misery exponentially, I was working with people that I didn’t want to be working with and I was feeling stuck.


This is because I didn’t understand a concept called viral sustainability.


The ability to keep your work load even, while you increase your sales.


It’s what scaling is all about.


But I wasn’t scaling my business.


I was scaling my misery.




I remember waking up and thinking “these aren’t the people I want to be working with.”


I felt a deep discomfort in the pit of my stomach when I was dealing with people 1-on-1.


And I thought “this isn’t what I signed up for”


I even thought of throwing in the towel and quitting everything that I had worked so hard to build.


Have you ever felt like this?


Yeah… It sucks.




So I took a step back.


I decided that to put on hold EVERYTHING that was making me feel like shit.


That meant literally stopping EVERYTHING.


I stopped blogging.


I stopped shooting video.
I stopped running ads.


I stopped putting myself out there.


And I decided that I would ONLY do the things that increased my happiness.


I moved out of the city I’d been meaning to leave for the past 4 years.


I started living out at the lake and living on the beach.


I went long boarding, mountain biking and boating all of the time.


I made friends with dozens of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life.


And we partied every weekend.


I felt amazing about my life every single day again.


A feeling I hadn’t experienced since I was 16 years old.


But I did something I hadn’t done since then either…



I invested in my personal happiness, and my energy levels have gone through the roof.


I feel more inspired.


And generally more productive.


(Don’t just take my word for it. Read The happiness advantage by Shawn Anchor)


You’ll see how happiness affects your work.



So what happened to quitting?


Since I felt more inspired, I was able to simply ask myself a more intelligent question.


I asked myself “How can I continue to build this out and experience this level of fun and happiness at the same time?”


The answers came pretty quickly too.




So now I’m headed out to Thailand and Bali for the winter.


Something that I’ve talked about for years.



And I hope you will join me.




But remember the things you love to do?


Do that shit.

And stop doing the shit you hate.

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